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Hooker Headers, Edelbrock Headers, Hedman Hedders, JBA, BBK! We Special Order Headers - Call 571-989-FLOW!

Our Most Popular Item

Hooker Headers Super Comp 1996-2003 Mustang 4.6L 4V 6229 Painted

Hooker Headers Super Comp Full Length - 1996-2003 Mustang 4.6L 4V 6229 Painted   With Hooker Super Competition the objective has always been to make the maximum horsepower and to put ...

Headers Options for Performance Cars and Trucks

Headers are one of the best ways to increase performance plus improve overall driveability is by adding a free-flowing exhaust system. The first item to add are headers. Today's technology and manufacturers offer all types of options for your car. Hooker Headers are one of the most popular and have been around for 40+ years. Hooker offers full length headers, shorty and cat back exhaust systems. So the selection is vast for any popluar car or truck on the market today including the vintage and muscle car markets. Hooker Headers offers it's standard coating (which is basically a anti-rust primer) ceramic coatings, and titanium coatings too. Newer header companies like JBA and BBK build quality headers for Mustang, Camaro, all OEM Trucks also supply unique swap headers for special engine configurations.


Hooker Headers now offers Black Ceramic Coating

Recently Hooker released the Darksides Black Ceramic Coated Headers a proprietary black ceramic coating that gives a nostalgia look of the rat rod or street rod custom cool look. The look is more a refined texture than a painted look. It prevents corrosion resistance like the traditional silver or chrome-look ceramic coated headers. Besides these hi-tech coatings provide heat resistance up to 1700° F making it a bonus for supercharged or nitrous applications - while reducing the under hood temps associated with superchargers and the like.


Hooker Headers Darkside Ceramic Coating


Edelbrock Headers offer other options

Another long-time recognized name perfecting performance parts is Edelbrock. Edelbrock headers offer many street or custom rod applications. How cool to be able to add shorty headers to your daily driver and install performance headers on your classic muscle car too. Edelbrock headers have fantastic performance features like mandrel bent tubes and laser-cut and stamped mounting flanges. Since they are a direct replacement for the stock manifolds you can rest assured a straight-forward installation using the factory crossover pipes.


Headers 409 Stainless for high temperatures

Headers for the throttle body type injection engines are make from 17 gauge 409 stainless to withstand the high temps. Coatings are either - Ti-Tech or a ceramic costing. The Ti-Tech and Ceramic coatings are good to 1600° F. Edelbrock Tubular Exhaust Systems (TES) headers include the crossover too for a complete headers system. Sometimes your fuel mileage may increase but that's not why most install headers.


Edelbrock Drag Racing Headers

The Edelbrock Victor Series Drag Race Headers are a new drag headers use a 3/8" thick laser cut flange with robotic welding and contoured shape for a great fit. Where needed the headers provide O2 sensor bosses too. Other headers offered are Block-Hugger and Shorty Headers. You may want to check out Edelbrock for your application.


Edelbrock Cat Back and Axle Back Systems

Edelbrock also offers Performance Cat-Back & Axle Back exhaust systems for many passenger cars and trucks from a 1967 Camaro to a 2004 Chevy Suburban are just a few of the part numbers available to you. With these systems not only is the quality materials used like 304 stainless used but the fit and installation ease a major plus for a trusted name like Edelbrock. For example - the details for either the Edelbrock Cat-Back or Axle-Back Exhaust System are made in the USA by Edelbrock from 16-gauge aluminized or 17 -gauge stainless steel tubing. The systems include an Edelbrock SDT muffler w/Sound Deflection Technology (SDT) for a throaty performance sound. All Edelbrock Exhaust Headers and Systems are designed as a direct replacement for stock and are emissions legal in all 50-states. Check out our latest news articles and videos for headers.


Hedman Hedders and Mustang Headers

When it's time to improve the performance and tone of your Mustang, nothing sounds better then a set of headers with a free-flowing exhaust system. Sometimes the high flow mufflers can cause cabin drown, which is a sound that drives the occupants insane when under light or cruise throttle. You don't need to get the race mufflers like a Flowmaster series 40 to take advantage of the headers and the horse power gains. Hedman Hedders offers a nice clean header design for your Mustang whether it's a Fox body or new style and depending on what level performance and under hood style you want Hedman is another great alternative to BBK headers, JBA headers or Hooker Headers. Also for the engine swap headers crowd, Hedman Hustler offers unique headers for that custom engine change both in shorty and long tube styles. What ever headers you buy, I would invest in the ceramic coating or stainless steel if you plan to keep your car for any period of time. It's worth the extra cost.


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